Treatments and Procedures

Treatments and Procedures

Spider Veins

Spider veins can affect anyone, young or old. We use the latest, proven methods for treating unsightly and bothersome spider veins. When appropriate, we treat any “feeding veins” underneath, which if left unaddressed can lead to failure and recurrence. We use modern techniques and sclerotherapy agents (no “saline injections”), and we focus on minimizing discomfort, maximizing results, and keeping patients active from the moment they leave our office.

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Bulging Varicose Veins

Bulging varicose veins are unsightly and can be miserable. Dr. Bock offers a variety of techniques for unsightly and painful bulging varicose veins. He is an expert in microphlebecomy, in which tiny micro-incisions are used to treat the problem with zero recurrence. We also offer ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy when appropriate. Both treatments can be combined with vein ablation procedures.

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Deep, Aching, Painful Legs

Deep, aching, painful legs often result from diseased valves in the saphenous veins—frequently even when no varicose veins are visible on the legs. Our Registered Vascular Technologist provides expert ultrasound diagnosis of abnormal veins, allowing us to treat with precision. We never perform “vein stripping”. Instead, we target abnormal veins and vein valves with minimally invasive treatments, using laser, radio-frequency, or adhesive “glue” technology. Results are effective and durable.

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Complex Vein Problems

As the region’s only board-certified vascular specialist devoting 100% of his practice to vein disease, Dr. Bock is often asked by referring providers to evaluate and treat cases of complex vein disease. Expert ultrasound diagnosis, long experience, and dedication to vein disease all help the Asheville Vein Center provide thoughtful consultation and up-to-date recommendations.
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Venous Stasis Ulcers

Venous stasis ulcers are estimated to affect one in fifty Americans. Our understanding of venous ulcers has been revolutionized over the last ten years, and we are often able to cure or dramatically reduce suffering from venous ulcers. While we are not a wound center, we do work closely with wound care providers in providing diagnosis and treatment of many cases.

Ultrasound-Only Evaluations

Ultrasound-only evaluations are offered to WNC referring physicians requesting timely, expert evaluation of vein disease performed by a Registered Vascular Technologist and interpreted by Dr. Bock.

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