Spider Veins


Spider Vein

Spider veins can form as early as the teenage years. By age 35, many women have unsightly spider veins. Treatment is easier than ever. At the Asheville Vein Clinic, Dr. Bock uses modern sclerotherapy medicine (no more burning and skin damage from “saline” injections). These medicines are delivered through some of the tiniest needles made.
After your quick, office-based procedure, there are essentially no restrictions. You’ll leave in knee-high or thigh-high stockings, which we’ll ask you to wear for a few days, but you can immediately return to normal activities—even running, cycling, or working out. Most patients need two or three sessions before looking their best. For maximum benefit to you, we usually space these appointments out at least two months apart.

In some cases, we use ultrasound during treatment for spider veins, especially if they are fed by larger abnormal veins beneath the surface.

It’s unusual for spider veins to come back after successful treatment. Sometimes, over subsequent years, completely new spider veins can appear in women who are susceptible to new spider vein formation. These can usually be treated quite easily.

Spider veins are NOT caused by crossing your legs; that’s an unfounded myth. Spider veins are more common in women, especially those who’ve had multiple pregancies or have a family history, but they can affect anyone!

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