Complex Vein Problems


Complex Vein Problems Treatments

Vein problems can worsen over the years, leading to changes in skin texture, color, and elasticity. Pain can become more severe, and swelling worsens. Next, the skin can break down, and an ulcer forms.

The venous stasis ulcers are common—one in 50 Americans has one—and they were once debilitating, lifelong problems. Fortunately, with modern techniques used in a specialized vein center, the cause of these ulcers can be treated. This allows rapid healing and can decrease the chance of the ulcers coming back.

Dr. Bock works closely with specialized wound center physicians all over Western North Carolina, coordinating diagnosis and treatment care between the Asheville Vein Center and the respective wound centers. Treatment of the underlying cause, using modern techniques of office-based vein ablation, can be life-changing for people with vein ulcers.

67-year-old with months of worsening stasis dermatitis. Treated with endovenous ablation (e.g. through a 2mmm microincision).





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